How A Rare Breed Of Online Fitness Experts Are Quietly Disrupting The Industry 
(creating small waves and massive impact, while funding their freedom)
Welcome to the online fitness biz bubble. 

Where ridiculously ripped guys and gals hang out at LA fitness, shoot content - and sometimes, they work from the beach.

Except "likes" don't pay bills and if you've ever tried to work from the beach...then you know it's more miserable than it is glamorous. Sand gets on your laptop, you can barely see your screen and all you can think about is surviving the scorching heat. :)

Who was it that sold us the dream of "easy millions" that inevitably come when you post shirtless selfies on IG? 

I can tell you in confidence, that the guys you're looking to for inspiration - the same guys with millions of followers and "overnight success" - didn't build their businesses on the backbone of their photoshop skillz. 

But... judging by the sheer number of self-taught fitness "pros" popping up on the scene - the same ones who are selling $49 booty-building programs - I can only assume that a lot of people bought into that very dream. 

You can’t blame 'em - I'm a dreamer and an opportunist myself. I'm also a realist and sometimes a bearer of bad news:

The online fit biz bubble is bursting as we speak. And honestly, I'm glad. 

Because once the dust settles, the ones who will be left standing are the rare breed of experts who actually give a damn. Who have a vision beyond the "$10k a month" business, and who are in the game for all the right reasons.  

I want to see those people win. 

And I REALLY wish I could say that being a true expert with good intentions were enough to build a multiple-6-figure to 7-figure business.

But if that were true, you wouldn't be here on this page, reading about what it takes to THRIVE as an online fitness expert in 2019. 

So whatever it was that brought you to this page, I'm happy you made it. 

If you've wondered how to build a fulfilling and sustainable business as a health & fitness expert, the next couple of pages are for you. 

By the way, I'm only sharing things that I know to work in the online personal-training space as it stands today. 

I went from making $100/hour back in 2015 to consistent 15k, 20k and 40k months (with my best month so far hitting $80k). 

But what's more than that, my clients are epic people doing epic things and together we get to create transformation in their lives (and mine, too). I wanna show you how you can do the same with your business. 

Caveat: a lot of what I'll talk about are things that most people are NOT WILLING to do. So if you're looking for a shortcut, this is probably not for you.
But for the rare breed who get excited by the long-term vision of success, keep reading...

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